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  Our Eleanor
  Anne Schwartz Books,
Atheneum, 2005
ages 4 to 8
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Our Eleanor:
a scrapbook look at Eleanor Roosevelt's remarkable life
written by Candace Fleming

About the book
No matter how the question is answered, one thing is clear: There has hardly been a life in the last century that Eleanor Roosevelt has not affected, in one way or another. From securing safe, low-cost housing for Kentucky's poor, to helping her grandchildren hang a tire swing on the White House's south lawn, to representing America as the first female delegate to the United Nations, Eleanor rarely kept a second of her life for herself—and she wouldn't have had it any other way.

In this stunning "scrapbook" biography, Candace Fleming, author of the acclaimed Ben Franklin's Almanac, turns her keen eye to our nation's premier First Lady. Filled with photographs of everything from Eleanor's speech at the 1940 Democratic National Convention to her high school report card, as well as fascinating stories about life in and out of the White House, Our Eleanor gives us a remarkable perspective on a remarkable woman, and presents to a new generation an Eleanor to call its own.

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Awards and Honors
ALA Notable Book
Best Book for Young Adults
Jefferson Cup winner,Virginia Library Association
Junior Library Guild Selection
New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing 2005
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Medal Winner
Parent's Choice Gold Medal
Publishers Weekly Best Book 2005
School Library Journal Best Book 2005

Read the Reviews
“Candace Fleming has chronicled the life of Eleanor Roosevelt as no other. With photographs on every page and with special attention having been given each important person, place, and project, this book provides an exciting glimpse into a remarkable life. It will appeal to young and old alike.”

“Candace Fleming's portrait bursts at the seams with energy, and makes brilliantly clear why Eleanor Roosevelt is a perfect role model for American kids, and for kids around the world. Mrs. Roosevelt wasn't the head of her time, she's the head of our time.”

“This book belongs in every school library and on the shelf of everyone who cares how America came to be the country we know. With thorough research and vivid storytelling, Candace Fleming brings to life a fascinating and complex woman. Through one engrossing tale after another, perfectly illustrated with historical photographs, Eleanor emerges from these beautiful pages; by midway, you half expect her to wander into your kitchen for tea at any moment.”

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